Our Projects and activities

Inspiring children to develop a love of books and become life-long readers lies at the heart of our work. It is the red thread running through all our activities, especially our projects. Biblionef uses a step-by-step approach in its projects to encourage children to read. Step one involves providing a wide range of children’s books to children through their school libraries and community libraries. Step two involves supporting teachers’ workshops on library management, reading methodologies, and reading activities for the classroom. Step three involves participating in Community Reading Days: public events to showcase new books to the whole community and engage children, parents and teachers around the importance of books and reading.

The feedback we receive from school administrators, teachers and children allows us to fine-tune our book collection and develop new, innovative reading initiatives. Biblionef projects are financed by private donations.

Overview of our projects

Biblionef’s projects currently support clusters of school libraries in different parts of Africa (Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Liberia) and the Caribbean (Sint Maarten, Saba, Saint Eustatius, Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Suriname).

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