This is Biblionef

Biblionef is an NGO that addresses the needs of children aged 3 to 18 years by giving them access to new storybooks and reference books in schools and in other children’s organizations with an educational focus. Our goal is to stimulate reading for comprehension and pleasure to assure the learning goals of education. We ensure that books are used optimally by training teachers how to manage libraries and how to encourage children to become readers.

Biblionef is an international network of 4 independently operating organizations with the same name and objectives. Biblionef is located in France, Ghana, South Africa and the Netherlands. On Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (the Dutch Antilles) Biblionef has very involved volunteers.

In the Netherlands, Stichting Biblionef Nederland, assists Biblionef Ghana, Biblionef South Africa and the volunteers on the Dutch Antilles with fundraising, both financially and in kind. Biblionef Netherlands started 32 years ago with donating books to the first schools. Since then, we have distributed almost 1,2 million books worldwide.

Our goal: make a reader of every child

In many developing countries, literacy is still at a very early stage. At school, children mainly learn technical reading or simply reading words out loud printed on paper, using memory-based learning strategies, instead of comprehensive reading where they understand what they read.

Biblionef is convinced that reading is a window to the world. Reading is a fundamental skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. A library will encourage children to read for pleasure, providing a safe, educational place for children. Reading will bridge information and cultural gaps, changing children’s perception of their ability as well as their perception of the world. Good reading skills mean achievements in the classroom improve. When reading activities are well taught, they will enhance social interaction between children and encourage more and more children to read.

Our goal is to instil a culture of reading in the lives of the children attending the schools we donate books to.

The benefits to the children of having access to reading books in schools are:

  • A better stimulation and development of imagination, fantasy and empathy.
  • Acquisition of good reading and learning abilities that will enable them to participate fully in all that the world has to offer.
  • An improved vocabulary by reading these new books.
  • For younger children: acquisition of listening skills and vocabulary when books are being read to them.
  • Learning by younger children by looking at the pictures and interpreting what they see.
  • Ability to link imagination and reality and make considered choices in life.
  • Learning to read in their own language which will help them to understand language concepts and make it easier for them to learn a second language.
  • Better motivated teachers with access to storybooks instead of educating their children with the barest of resources and nearly non-existent budged.

Our activities give the children that benefit from them, a better chance of attaining a complete education by fully developing their emotional and psychological skills. And with that, better chances for a successful future life.

Our Activities

Donation of new children’s books and other materials to school libraries

Biblionef donates (new) storybooks in English, Dutch and, where possible, in the mother tongue. We also try to find books with stories that are written and illustrated locally so that children can relate to these books and recognize the situation described. Being able to relate to the story is a prerequisite to make a reader out of a non-reader. Book selection is an important part of the process. What is not available locally, will be sent from other countries.