Gifting money in your will

There are two possible options: inheritance and bequest

You may choose to include Biblionef in your will as (co-)heir. We then receive a part of your heritage, for instance a certain percentage of the balance of your estate.

Would you like to leave Biblionef a certain amount of money, but not appoint us as heir? Then you can include a bequest in your will. You leave a fixed amount or a certain property, such as a house, a work of art or a securities portfolio.

To the solicitor
You draw up a will before a solicitor or notary who will draft a will which sets out all your wishes. If you agree, and it is signed, the will is valid.

Cultural ANBI
Biblionef had already been designated by the tax authorities as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). At the end of 2016, however, Biblionef was designated as a Cultural ANBI by the tax authorities.

An extra gift deduction applies to donors of Cultural ANBIs. Private persons may deduct 1.25 times the amount of the donation in their income tax return. The tax authorities therefore accept a quarter more deduction than was donated (up to a maximum of €5,000 per year).

Companies subject to corporate tax may deduct 1.5 times the amount of the donation in their corporate tax return.

No taxation
Bequeathing to an ANBI has the advantage that no tax is levied on the legacy. Your bequest to Biblionef is therefore entirely for the benefit of the development of underprivileged children.