Books donated: around 23,883 

Schools assisted: 82 

Children reached: more than 30,500 

The first donation Biblionef made to Uganda was in 2009. We help around 30 schools  by sending books once a year. To date, around 100 schools have received books from Biblionef.  

Biblionef has a strategic partner who carries out the distribution in Uganda: Stichting Bondeko (Foundation Bondeko).

Bondeko is a Dutch foundation with a local representative in Uganda who has been working there for the last 30 years. They support a small community of four thousand families in the North-West of Kampala. In this community there is a local primary school where two hundred children dream of a better future. Their parents work hard to be able to send their children to school because they know that education opens new possibilities. They want a future for their children with enough food to eat, a decent income, good health and the freedom to be responsible citizens. Theo Groot is Bondeko’s man on the ground. As a development practitioner, he has lived and worked in Africa for more than 25 years. Besides his ‘normal’ work, Theo also wants to make his small contribution to the community where he found a warm welcome. For him working for structural change and making a difference at the local level go perfectly well together. Bondeko supports his efforts.   

Interested schools can download the Application form from Biblionef website: and return the completed form to us via email. 

Completed Projects: 

With the previous donation to Biblionef in 2020, thousands of books have already been provided to selected schools in Uganda. Based on detailed feedback from teachers and their pleas for addition and expansion, Biblionef aims to enrich and further expand the diversity of book donation.  

With the support of Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden (The Baptist Orphanage Foundation) and other Funds, Biblionef set up a 1-year project 2019-2020 under the title “Give every child the joy of reading”, with the aim of educational improvement in Uganda through donation of books to 24 school libraries.  

Books donated: 4,436 

Children reached: 13,999 

In 2022: 

Books donated: 1,703 

Children reached: 3,960 

New and current Projects  

Biblionef Nederland has set up a three-year program 2022-2024. During these three years, 10 schools in this program will receive books annually for the start-up library. For the first year Biblionef has the support of Stichting Pharus (Pharus Foundation).  

Jolly Phonics trainings for a number of schools, and reading development training for teachers. Books will also be donated including Jolly Phonics material and reading books. 

If you want to support this project, please make a donation under the name “Ugandan schools”.