Biblioneffers all together

After more than two years, numerous Biblionef board members, staff, and volunteers from different countries met for the traditional lunch. It was great to socialize with all, though many did regularly meet at work, even during pandemics, in the space of the almost empty library. Despite difficulties, communication with our contacts in the field was never interrupted. Thousands of books have been processed, stickered, packed and send to the schools we are assisting.

It was great to socialize with all…

On this pleasant and warm occasion, we said goodbye to Aagje van Heekeren and welcomed Julia Djarova as the new chair of the Biblionef’s board. We spoke about Theresa Stanton and said goodbye to her too and greeted Bethzy Gianella Chiang as our new director. The atmosphere was great, new ideas have been exchanged and discussed and lunch was of the first class! If there is something that Biblionef never lacked, it is friendly and dedicated enthusiasm of all involved! And the basis of that is certainty that heavy boxes we are preparing in The Hague will be happily unpacked in faraway parts of the world, offering books to the ones who were waiting.