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Books and educational material donated: 108,139 Children reached: 60,000 25 years working together  Books and other educational materials donated:143,381 Schools and children’s organizations assisted: 77 22 years working together  Books donated: 23,762 Schools assisted: more than 50 6 years working together   


25 Years working together 

Books and educational materials donated: 108,139 

Children reached: 60,000 

Biblionef has been providing the pleasure of reading for children in Curaçao for over 25 years. Our volunteers there help schools who regularly request books from us and we try to help where possible. Through our work in other countries, we know that donating books without training for teachers, is only partially effective. Teachers, in addition to the donation of new books, also need help to make the most of them.  

In 2022, Biblionef Netherlands received a donation from the Dutch Language Union and Stichting Lezen (Reading Foundation) for the project “Leesbevorderingsprogramma voor kinderen op Curaçao” (Promoting reading skills program for children on Curaçao”) to provide training for 25 teachers and 2 school principals in 2 schools. If your school wants to apply for books, send us an e-mail to:



Books and other educational materials donated:143,381

Schools and children’s organizations helped: 77

Biblionef has been active in Aruba for over 20 years. Our volunteers help schools that regularly request new books from us, we try to help where possible. When donating Dutch books our volunteers check if they are suitable for the children in Aruba.

Through our work in other countries, we know that the donation of books works best when combined with teacher training. Teachers, in addition to new books, need the training to get the most out of the donations.

In 2023, Biblionef Netherlands received a donation from Stichting Lezen for the project “Training in Reading Promotion for Teachers in Aruba.” With this donation we provided the training of 30 teachers. These teachers came from different schools. Would you also like to make a request? If so, please contact us at

Future projects

Every year Biblionef Nederland sends thousands of books to Aruba. Does your school still need books? Then please contact us by sending a mail to:

St. Martin 

Books donated: 23,762 

Schools assisted: more than 50 

In late 2017, Biblionef collaborated with the Madurodam Children’s Fund on rebuilding plans for the schools and library on St Martin after Hurricane Irma in September 2017. An inventory of all schools and nurseries in need was made. Major need was found for good books in both Dutch and English. Under the name “George Maduro Book Project”, all schools, nurseries and also the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, which were badly affected by Hurricane Irma, were provided with 6,500 new children’s books. A follow-up project was launched at the end of 2018, for another 4,500 picture books, children’s stories, dictionaries and encyclopaedias to be distributed to all school libraries on St Martin, St Eustatius and Saba.  

In 2019 Biblionef received a donation from Madurodam Children’s Fund for the project “Promoting Dutch language for children and young people on St Martin” 

In 2020 Biblionef received a donation from Stichting Pharus (Pharus Foundation) for the project Promoting Dutch language for children and young people on St Martin, Saba and St Eustatius through reading and picture books. 

New and current projects 

Biblionef Netherlands has set up a three-year program 2023-2025. During these three years, 5 schools in this program will receive books annually for the start-up library and training for the teachers.  

Jolly Phonics trainings for 5 public schools 

Reading development training for 2 schools