Support Biblionef

The success of Biblionef depends entirely on gifts and donations from businesses, schools, charities and individuals. Both financial donations and contributions in the form of time and expertise are crucial to the success of our work. Every contribution is important. The enthusiastic commitment of our volunteers enables Biblionef to do its work efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Now even more than before! 

As from 2016 Biblionef has been recognized by the tax authorities as a cultural Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). This means that in your annual income tax return you may claim a 25% higher deductible than the amount you donated to Biblionef. 

If you previously donated € 500, then, due to the tax refund at a rate of 42%, the donation “only” cost you € 290. And now, because of this approved higher deductible, it will cost you € 50 less! So the government encourages you, as it were, to double your donation without it costing you more. 

It is best to transfer your donation directly to our account number IBAN NL13INGB0000258485 to Stichting Biblionef Nederland.

Via the payment button at “I want to help Biblionef” you can also easily donate with the help of a payment request.

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