Support Biblionef

Biblionef’s success depends entirely on gifts and donations from companies, schools, charitable foundations and individuals. Financial donations as well as donations in time and expertise are critical for the continuation of our work. Every contribution makes a difference. The enthusiastic commitment of our volunteers enables Biblionef to carry out its work effectively and economically.

Do you want to help Biblionef?

There are many different ways to do this:

  1. Become a “Friend of Biblionef”. Make a payment by standing order for 5 consecutive years. You may also qualify for tax benefits: see “Periodiek gift ANBI” on the website of the Dutch Tax Office.
  2. Volunteer to work at our office in The Hague or from a distance.
  3. Organize a fund-raising activity for Biblionef in your network. We can give you Biblionef materials and accompany you.
  4. Organize a Biblionef activity at your school – contact us for our ‘school activity package’.
  5. Support a Biblionef project: raise funds for a specific Biblionef activity.
  6. Transportation: help us to ship or fly children’s books to a country.
  7. Follow us on social media.

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