Small projects around the world

Over the years Biblionef has worked on small projects around the world. Kenia, Liberia, Gambia, Tanzania, Cambodia and India are some of the countries we have helped in the last few years. For these small projects, Biblionef works with Dutch organizations, and donate books but does not pay for shipping/transport of the books. 

If you are a Biblionef donor and you have a project you want to develop, fill in the application form and we will donate books for your project link to application form. Bellow you can see some examples of our projects. 


Books donated: 937  

New and current projects  

Little is known of the authors of children’s books in Tanzania. Books that are available often give a limited view of the world and are mainly focused on the current events in Tanzania. Biblionef wants to introduce the children in Tanzania to all other worlds, through books in Swahili and English. The upcoming years we will collaborate with two local schools. These schools will receive 200 books each, specifically curated to fit their requests. For this project Biblionef works together with the NGO “Tanzania Love Children”.  


Biblionef Netherlands was able to donate books to 8 different schools in 2022 with the support of Stitching Pharus. 

In 2022: 

Books donated: 1225 

Children reached: 2300