Biblionef’s vision is for all children, regardless of their personal circumstances, to discover the joy of reading at an early age and become lifelong readers. We work closely with under-resourced schools and community libraries that are either far from a public library or simply lack funds for new books. We help teachers and community librarians to set up or further develop their own libraries and organize reading events. Our work involves continuously looking for new, exciting storybooks and matching them with the interests and reading needs of the children we reach. We realise that, with so many children’s books being published each year, we are in a continuous learning cycle when it comes to finding appealing stories. So if you have a favourite children’s book, do send us the name of the title and author. Meanwhile, to find some of our all-time favourites, visit our Hero Book Page.

Teachers and educational institutions wishing to receive children’s books from Biblionef should fill out the Biblionef Application Form. Six months after the shipment of books arrive, the teachers and children send us feedback on the different books.

Since its establishment in 1991, Biblionef Netherlands has sent over 900,000 brand new children’s books, in English, Dutch and other European and African languages, to over 1.3 million children.