Giving Tuesday

During a time full of uncertainty, giving back to your favourite cause is more important than ever. It is time to take something positive from 2020 and unleash the power of giving. Biblionef has joined the global generosity movement called “Giving Tuesday” with its ‘Stories for Inclusion’ Project.

Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday encourages people and organizations to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Everyone has something to give, whether it is their time, skills, goods or even a campaign for their favourite cause. On this special day, we wish to advocate for a better representation of children with a disability in the world of children’s literature. Representation matters, and it is important that we start giving children with disability opportunities to see themselves in stories and share their own stories.

“When children see their lives reflected in the books they read, they feel they and their lives are not invisible”

– Malorie Blackman

Stories not only unite us, they also increase our awareness about the lives and experiences of others. Children with a disability are often harmed by wrongful stereotypes in literature. This can lead to further  stigmatization. With the help of children’s books such as “My Name is Runa”, the ‘Stories for Inclusion’ project aims to dispel some of the misconceptions associated with disability and, in so doing, encourage young readers to have a more accepting attitude towards disability.   

On Giving Tuesday, you can also help. Our goal is to reach 500 followers on our Social Media platforms. So follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to enrich the discussion about  ‘Stories for Inclusion’.